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Urooj is a 31-year-old human rights lawyer and activist who has spent her legal career protecting the rights of refugees around the world and citizens here at home.  She spent the last year representing low income New Yorkers facing eviction.  She received both her undergraduate degree and law degree from Fordham University.  


The events of Saturday May 30th have flipped her world upside down.  Urooj was charged with causing damage by fire to an abandoned police vehicle.  Urooj was arrested and is currently detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, a federal prison.  She cannot be released until the court rules on the bond appeal.  Even after that decision, Urooj has a long road ahead.  She has to navigate a complicated legal system.


Urooj is a loving and caring daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and community member. Her family, friends, and community are shocked and hurt.  Her love and passion for her community is being muddled by misinformation.


Through this website, you can help us support Urooj and her family’s efforts in providing her the best representation, making sure she is treated fairly, and ensuring that her contributions and dedication to her community will not be forgotten.

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